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I have some exciting news!  We have designed a new blog.    All post will now be done  here .     If you follow me now, please feel free to sign up on the new blog as well.    So go here and check it out!  Let me know what you think!


Charlotte Photography

I’m going through some pictures and editing a wedding we recently shot.   It’s rare that Paul actually gets shots of me, but this one I thought was pretty cool.  I think this is right after I snapped a picture of Erin.   When I took it, she at the same time started to yell the bus driver that he missed a turn.  We were laughing b/c I caught her in the midst of yelling.  Anyhow, I think I look a little funny from the side.  But that is prob. b/c I’m not use to seeing myself that way.  I truly enjoy my job.  Enjoy.

– P + S


Norman Rockwell Theme Wedding-Save the Dates

It’s time to unleash our Save-the-Date Designs (since they have officially been mailed off to our family and friends).   Paul and I were trying to decide a good theme for our wedding, other than just vintage.   This is what we came up with.

A little background on our design:

Norman Rockwell was a very famous painter and illustrator doing over 300 covers for The Saturday Evening Post.    We have turned it into The Saturday Evening Wedding.  While designing this Save the Date we took into account Norman Rockwell’s style and created something that had meaning to us as well.  He used a lot of round shapes in the background of his images.  We used the Ferris Wheel on ours since that is how Paul purposed to me.  We also tried to incorporate exaggerated expressions through our faces.  The original photo we took was in our living room.   Paul ran some filters on it to give it an oil painting look.  He’s so talented right?!  Tada,   Here’s a sneak peek to what our wedding day will hold.  Enjoy,

“The Date Saver”



Peepsake Studios would love to do any custom save the date, invitation, or announcements.   Contact us for pricing.

– P + S

♥ Steph

Charlotte Photography-Best Friends

Hey Everyone.   A few weeks ago, Paul and I actually had an open weekend with no photography sessions scheduled.  We decided to have a fun session so one of my best friends came over for a photo-shoot with me.    I’m actually a little backed up now on a few sessions we’ve had since then and are in the process of getting those ready to post within the next few days.  But tonight, before I call it a night I thought I’d share these images.   These were taken and processed by my wonderful Fiance Paul.   I love them, Thanks Paul!

Sarah and I have known each other since 6th grade.  Ya know, back when you use to play M.A.S.H. and talk about the cute boys in class you have a crush on.   Now we are much older and with that follows responsibility, full time jobs,  a distance between were we reside.    We make time to get together every once in a while.   We put aside time for a Starbucks and girl talk,  book exchange (I’ve recently got her hooked on Nicholas Sparks), shopping, dinner, hiking, etc.  This photoshoot was to reflect our friendship and how little things can create such a strong bond.  Enjoy!

Stay tuned for an adorable newborn session, and more!




Celebrating “US”

It’s Valentines weekend!  :)

Let’s reminisce:  On our first Valentines weekend together Paul and I were driving to the beach in blizzard!  It took about about 7 hrs to get there (normally a 3- 3 1/2 hr drive).    Paul had JUST purchased his jeep, and when I say just- I mean he bought it that day!  It was a good thing too because that 4 wheel drive is what got us there!  Otherwise we would have been stuck on the side of road somewhere between home and the ocean.   We had to stop a couple times and clean the ice that built up on the windshield wipers, lights, etc.    It was def. an experience.   I wouldn’t change any of it of course.   There was something so beautiful about waking up, and seeing snow on the sand.  We spent that morning taking a walk on the beach looking at all the snow.

This valentines day there is no beach trip, but being here in our home spending time with the man I love is all I need.  Valentines day is like every other day really.  We will always have stories, and I’ll always try to share, document, and “reminisce”.  I love you Paul Duffey.

  • I love you for always making me laugh at the most random times
  • I love you for coming up with nick names for me and the dogs all the time
  • I love you for giving me that extra squeeze when we hug
  • I love you for the effort you put into things
  • I love you for your smart, creative, fun personality
  • I love you for making some of the best meals I could possibly eat
  • I love you breaking out into songs when you think of anything that relates
  • I love you for loving me ………. Love me

Valentines-2010- Myrtle Beach (these were taken with what I call my “pocket-book camera”)

Valentines-2011- Taken by us, with a self timer- So not the best.

Our Wedding Date.

-P + S


I’m One Lucky Bride……….

To have such wonderful bridal party. hehe.  I have been waiting for a while to collect all these pictures before I announce my wedding party.  I haven’t had a chance to get pictures of all the men (I don’t think its as important or as fun to Paul).   But I handmade these little cards asking my bridal party to be a part of my day.  I knew I wanted to make them something special to keep so I asked them all what their favorite animals were.  I then took the stencil of the animal and masked it out on watercolor paper.  Then created a card with mixed media  artwork on the front, using both watercolor, pen and color pencil.    I also looked up the meaning of each animal and included it in the card. Surprisingly enough there were alot of characteristics related to each person.   After being snowed in for a few days from our winter storm, I had too much time to think.  I then started thinking of all the things I needed to for the wedding, my time line, etc.   I feel like I have been walking on a tightrope.   So far everything is going well.  We measured our ceremony and reception site last weekend and within the next coming week we have an appointment with a possible D.J., and hopefully a linen rental person.  The save the dates are designed, just need to be printed and mailed.  Wish me luck, I hope it doesn’t get to stressful.  So enough chit chat.   Meet part of our wedding party……

My Maid of  Honor, Cousin, Best Friend, Sidekick, the list goes on….Alicia Marshall

My Beautiful, artistic, smart, and creative little sister…..Katlyn Bagley

My Best friend since 6th grade, LL, side kick, roommate at one time, Starbucks date forever…… Sarah Kilgo

My Best “True” friend since 7th grade,  “W”s” & “Count on Me always and forever,  my beautiful funny god-daughter, my little family outside of a family… Kim Lambert, and Haleigh



Happy New Year-2011

I hope everyone had a great, fun, safe, enjoyable new year! I know we did! We went to a friend’s house and brought the new year in with a handful of other couples. I thought it would be fun to have a photo booth set up to take some cool pictures using 2011 props. So we set it up and we had a blast, and here are the results…………..

Me and Alicia

Becca and Jason

Me and Paul

I can’t help but laugh every time I look at these……….


Amanda and Keith

Chris and Alicia

Carol and Becca



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