Jessica & Jeff, Charlotte Engagement

This session was super fun and special to us.  Jessica and Jeff are not only really fun, outgoing, and a laid back couple, but they are also some of our really good friends.   We met up at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens for their engagement session.  Here are some of our favorites.

Very Cute Jess,


Vintage Inspired Bridal Session-Charlotte Photography

We all had a great time at this vintage session.  Make up done by the wonderful Sissy Duncan (Simply Beautiful Artistry) again.    I’ll let these images speak for themselves.  Thanks Jin, We had a great time!

-P + S


Duke vs. Carolina- Match made in heaven :)

This past weekend when we were getting snow/sleet we had an engagement session planned.     It was a little chilly when we went outside, but we all hung in there and I’m glad we did.   Erin and Chris are such a laid back, fun-loving couple!  They really knew how to have fun and you can just tell there is never a dull  moment in their household.  We did some family shots, then had a fun little game of corn hole between the two of them.    You’ll see more of them in March, when they tie the knot!   Meet Erin, Chris, and their son Timmy.

All because two people fell in love……….

Loving this shot of them with their two dogs….. how precious!–Meet George and Sammie

How adorable is Timmy in his santa outfit!

Timmy’s Grandma wanted pics for her Grandma and Me Frame.  :)

First Home………

Now it’s time to play a friendly competitive game or corn hole…..

Team Rivalry

Thanks Erin and Chris for bearing the cold weather with us!  We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we can’t wait for your wedding in March!

P+ S

♥ Steph



Wedding Portraits-Hickory, NC

Ashley and Jessica actually got married in July.  Unfortunately on their wedding day, it was raining and we were pushed for time.   We finally got together before the weather got too cold to handle.  I was honestly really worried on Saturday.  We had plans to go to  Ashley’s mountain house to do the pictures, which is in Mountain City.    When we looked up the weather is was going to be a high of 42 with 20mph winds.  We decided to just stay in the Hickory area to keep from freezing our tales off.   Surprisingly in Hickory once the sun got nice and warm, it wasn’t that bad.  Here is part 1.   Part 2 (coming in the next few days)  is just a casual session we did after they changed out of their wedding attire.    Also, I have some VERY exciting news coming soon.  Hopefully I can announce it tomorrow.  I’m dancing in my seat here!


Engagement-Love is in the air :)

Hey  everyone!  Remember that awesome rustic barn I posted pics from a week or so back?  Well, this past weekend I had an Engagement Session there.  It was so much fun.   I hope you enjoy the pictures and Thank you Jamie and Herman for giving me the pleasure to do them.  We had fun!



I know this one is a bit blurry, but I just LOVE the little faces they are making and had to share it anyways…

The next three I am putting in for fun!  LOVE their faces and expressions!

Love this!  Don’t fly away ……

Paul & Stephanie’s Engagement– Part 2

For those of you who follow my blog and have been waiting for part 2 of our engagement. It’s Here!!! I’m prob. more excited than anyone. I was waiting for the perfect time to venture off for our second session. Again, this is all done with self timer so you really have to be in the mood to do a lot of work. I LOVE how these came out. I didn’t have to edit any of them (except for the few of us alone that I put filters on). They came out so dreamy like with a vintage feel. I hope you enjoy…..

Click any to enlarge,

I love all the flares I got from the sun

I come home to hugs like this everyday….I am one Lucky Girl

Some of my love, Paul…….

A few Paul got of me…..


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Paul and Stephanie’s Engagements-Part One

O.K. So for those of you who don’t know my boyfriend popped the question and has now become my Fiance! I LOVE using that word….. Fiance ; ). Anyhow, a few people have asked “Who’s going to take your pictures when you get married?” Well, the truth is I’m not sure. We have a few friends and family members that are photographers, so we will prob. pass the job along to them. However, what girl doesn’t want more than just wedding pictures? I’m sure alot of girls would want more, and I KNOW a photographer like myself does. So I get the grand idea to venture off with the camera and set up at the park to get pictures of ourselves. This is a task! Of course I will do it again but next time, Hopefully I’ll have a remote. Having to set the timer every time and running to get my spot into the pictures is a bit much. But it worked and I was happy with quite a few. So I HOPE I don’t look conceited by posting my own pictures, but thought some of you would enjoy……

Some shots of us together….
Click on the picture to enlarge and see better.

Trying to get a “serious” shot is hard for me,  Notice the laughter in the next one after I couldn’t keep my face straight long enough.

Some Pictures I took of  him………..

Some Pictures he got of me…..

Ring Shot,

Ring Pictures I took with the first rose Paul bought me..

Check back for part two–New Location :)

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